LithoScan PDF next to KBA Rapida 142

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An extremely high-quality scanner has been working at MMP in Trier since July 2017, matching the print quality of KBA’s adjacent printing press and the products produced on it. The scanner measures contactless, the printed sheets are sucked in during the scan. The device has a resolution of 600 dpi, which is achieved with so-called CIS (contact image sensor). The scanning time is only 7 seconds. Already during the return of the scanning bar, the scanning images are compared with the reference image and any scratches or text errors are detected. If necessary, a PDF will be compared. The software was optimized in collaboration with the customer and trimmed to the highest user-friendliness whilst maintaining at the same time optimum error detection. Printed sheets of more distant machines can also be tested.

LithoScan PDF: well-designed and extremely fast.

Touchscreen operation

The scanner stands right next to the control center.